10 Best Web Industry Logos. Are you on the list?

LoudNoises LogoWhether you are in web design, seo, inbound marketing, social media, or analytics, you have probably seen your competitors logos. I think it is safe to say, some people do web better than others. I’ve prepared a list of the best logos I could find from people in our immediate industry, the underdogs if you will. You just might find yourself on our list, and if you do, Congratulations!


I originally set out to make this post about 50 great logos, I ended up finding only 30 that would fall into the category of OK, but the truth is, there were only about 10 that were great. This is the most current version of the best logos we have been able to find. Submit yours if you think it will make the list!

What makes a Logo Great?

While there is a wealth of info on this topic, I can give you a quick version of what I think makes an Logo really great:

  • First you must understand that a logo isw the mark of a promise, or a brand. (Duh!)
  • If you are in the web industry, you probably want your logo to trigger immediate feelings of professionalism, curiosity, creativity, inspiration, and trust.
  • The logo should be easy to read, typography must never be overlooked, and should be unnoticed when paired with a mark.
  • Though it doesn’t have to be easy to conceptually grasp, the logo should atleast make the viewer intrigued to figure out the meaning, and want to know more about the brand.
  • Im my opinion, the best logos are to the point, refined, and have a twist.

Though not Macintosh or Nike, the following companies have damn good logos for their fields, and we applaud them. And hey, these are some people you should know about anyway if you don’t already.


I wanna open up with Moz, because they are one of our favorite brands. Their logo doesn’t blow me away necessarily, but we love Roger Mozbot and feel he is a strong branding element. While the logo is simple, clean, and fitting, I am glad they use Roger Mozbot to add a fun personality and some “flare” if you will. (Am I aloud to say that?)



Hubspot is a pretty awesome company. Safe to say, they influence most of us in the industry. Their logo is quirky and fun. And the letter “o” perfectly balances the “H” while serving imply what they do as a company.


Christian Heilmann

Caricature creation in a logo isn’t for everyone, but if Christian Heilman looks anything like this, I’d like to meet him. The mark is fun, personable, and most of all, unforgettable. The colors are attention grabbing while the entire mark holds just the right amount of detail. If your features stand out enough, consider using yourself in your logo!



Paul met the guys at Olark back at South by Southwest, and picked up a couple pieces of their marketing materials. What I love about their logo is it can stand by itself. It commands attention, due to it’s 3d nature, yet appears fun. It is a very present logo and I like their style of delivery.



I love robots, so maybe I’m biased, but I love this logo. Again, here we have a company name that lends itself well to a literal representation of its title. The robot is having some thoughts too… very clever and refined as well.


Thought Candy

The logo for Thought Candy is delicious! (pun intended). I love the two opposing typefaces being used in different colors, both are fun and youthful. The thought bubble has the perfect amount of 3D detail, notice the shadow below it. The mark is really too beautiful to be anything designed by an amateur, in my opinion. Great job guys.



Science invests in and advises emerging Internet businesses. I absolutely LOVE this logo. It is quiet and stoic, while the red center in the mark eludes to the fiery passion at the center of every entrepreneurs heart. I hope I’m right, because that is what the logo says to me. It’s a very creative and abstract logo that is easy to identify with.



This is the mark of GinzaMetrics, a multifaceted SEO solutions provider. This logo was created by LoudNoises, so of course we like it. The colors are fun, and because they are out of rainbow-like order, it doesn’t look anything like a rainbow. It is a flat and simple logo with just the right amount of personality in the typeface. The spacing and height of the bars is just right.



Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides marketers the easiest way to create, publish & test promotion specific landing pages without the need for IT or developers. This logo is the SHIT. Yes. It’s perfect to me, from the rounded caps on the thoughtfully chosen stems of the “n” to the bold division of the logos two sides. This logo is beautiful.



Ok so I figured I would speak on our logo a little bit. We went through the ringer trying to find a logo that conveyed what we are as a company. We wanted to showcase our personality and culture more than anything, and we jotted down attributes such as “fun”, “witty”, “inspiring”, “youthful”, “curious”, “progressive”, and “badass” of course. We also have a personal love for exploration, science, and space. What we ended up with is a mark that feels strong, modern, and alluding to the universal childhood dreams of the future.


The colors are youthful, strong and bright. The use of a rocket (instead of say… a speaker, or sound waves) was something that we thought very long and hard about. A rocket is packed full of force and energy, and the fact that ours is lit, serves to create a sense of urgency as well as excitement. The rocket is a flat illustration of a home made rocket that most of us have experimented with in our youth. We have a logo we are proud of, and though it has changed through with time, we are glad that we went conceptual vs. literal in the design, it packs a lot of meaning.

What about you?

What is your favorite logo out of the group and why? Leave a comment below and tell us. If you feel your logo is good enough to be grouped with these then give us a shout here, providing a URL for both your logo and your website with a little about your concept. I will add it to the group if it’s awesome!


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