How to Design the Perfect Google Plus Profile (Free Template Included)

feature-imageWhether your brand is big or small, you may be neglecting the design your Google+ page. And the simple truth is that people will take your brand more seriously if it looks great in the places you communicate. Oh and if you aren’t on Google+, you should be.

In the past, we shared how to create the perfect Twitter profile page and even how to create the perfect Facebook profile page. The ideas are similar, to make sure your page renders the way it should for viewers across all applications and browsers, and help you get started with templates that do the layout leg work for you. In this post we will give you a free downloadable template to fix your Google Plus page, as well as share some inspiration of brands doing it right.

Your Google Plus Page Starts with your Cover Photo

The current Google Plus layout showcases a cover photo, much like Facebook, except way bigger. The display of this cover photo is full width with a 16×9 ratio. The smallest size of the new google+ cover photo is 480X270 pixels. The largest size of the new google+ cover photo is 2120X1192 pixels. For the sake of the photo looking great on all screens, we suggest making a photo that is 2120X1192 px.

Keeping in mind there is a grey gradient that Google places at the bottom of the photo. The profile photo lays over the cover photo, so text and other important details should not be in the bottom area of the photo.


Loudnoises google plus

Which brands do Google Plus right?

There are a lot of great brands who haven’t created a cover photo yet for their profile, Pepsi, Mashable, and even MOZ use their photos instead of a cover photo. To get your wheels turning on designing your own page, here are some examples of some good uses of the 615 px in their cover photo design:



Britney Spears




Red Hot Chili Peppers


Van Gogh Museum




American Idol

American Idol









William Shatner


The New G+ Cover Photo

You’ll notice that the profile photo is now in the shape of a circle. Be sure your profile photo doesn’t have any square borders that are being cut off by this update!

What Not to do with your G+ Page

  • Don’t leave your cover photo as default. Thats boring
  • Don’t upload a photo that is less than 2120X1192 px
  • Don’t upload of photo of the skyline or clouds or generic nature stuff. Design a cover photo that tells a story of what your brand has to offer.

If you want to know why Google Plus is so cool, check out this article from Kuno Creative about the benefits of Google Plus.

Also, the best thing you can really do on Google+ is to follow LoudNoises on G+. :) Oh, and also, check out this post on 50 Pages & People Every SEO Should Have In Their Circles from Jon at Point Blank SEO. Seriously, it makes Google+ a way more interesting place to hang out.

Alright Alright! Where’s the Free Stuff?

Before you go an open up Illustrator to make this cover photo, I have already created a template for you to design not only your cover photo, but your profile photo too!.

Download the free Adobe Illustrator template!

Download the free Photoshop template!


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Have a great Google+ page to share? Leave us a comment!


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  • Nicholas Sihotang

    Hello, I’ve been going back and forth with your tips regarding FB, Twitter and G+ profile designs.
    But now, G+ just went plus size. I recommend you put some update on that.

    Sincerely :)

    • PaulIsLoud

      We’ve just updated the templates (both AI and PSD) and the post with new screenshots. Thanks for the comment, hope you find the templates useful!

  • Nicholas Sihotang

    Oh, one more thing; about the link for “50 Pages & People .. ” isn’t working.

    Just so you know.

    • PaulIsLoud

      Thanks for the heads-up, fixed :)

  • Alison Powers

    These templates are awesome … Could you do the same with YouTube Channel Art?

    • Paul at LoudNoises

      Thanks Alison, we had a lot of fun putting them together and keeping them up to date. We considered doing a YouTube Channel Art post, but as it turns out Google’s information (which ranks 1st on a relevant query) is very well organized, and easy to understand. This is much less the case with Google+ backgrounds, which is why we wanted to help folks out on this.

      Anyway, great minds think alike :)

      • Alison Powers

        Yes, you are right – Google’s Channel Art Guidelines are very good. However, what I really like about your posts are your examples of “Who Does It Right” and ones that are pretty good, but not perfect. I’m having a hard time finding brands that have done it “perfectly.”

        • Paul at LoudNoises

          Alison that is a GREAT point, and also very valuable feedback. Thy wish is our command, we’ll get cracking on a post, template and examples of people & brands doing it right, and will let you know when it’s available. Also just occurred to me that we don’t have one for LinkedIn. Coming up soon!

          • Alison Powers

            I can’t wait – thanks so much! :)

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