A fresh approach to inbound marketing

We’re a small team of web-inclined individuals with lots of skill and passion for inbound marketing, design, custom site development and building brands. We’re those people who point out typography issues on billboards, get excited over granular CSS selectors, and talk optimization strategy on Sunday afternoon. We’re anti-hipster quasi-hippie nerds. And we know our stuff. Just ask our clients. Any of them.

LoudNoises has been in effect since 2010, and we have the habit of providing our client’s with best-in-class work. Our clients win awards. Our clients are famous and become more famous after working with us. Most importantly, our clients get results.

Our culture is such that happy employees is priority #1. What does this mean? Take a look —›.

Central to every thing we do is finding meaning in our work. We’re a small company, but we have great clients, and we turn down lots of potential clients. We believe that our work should make the world a better place, not just grow bank accounts and collect +1s.

We’re privately owned, which means we’ve got no pressure to grow faster than we see fit or to do anything that doesn’t meet our high standards for excellence. The most important thing to us is to find satisfaction is doing high-quality work, and we work our asses off to make it happen. If you’d like to chat about how we could help grow your business — get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Culture

LoudNoises culture

Paul Grieselhuber, Legitimate Businessman

Paul Grieselhuber

Legitimate Businessman

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Super Powers

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Strategic & Technical Development

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Michelle Godfrey, Color & Line Specialist

Michelle Godfrey

Color & Line Specialist

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Super Powers

Graphic Design

Brand Development

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